I have always been a very imaginitive and creative individual. Whenever I pick up a book or a magazine, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS look at the pictures before I ever begin to read anything. About two years ago two very dear friends of mine, that are amazing photographers, planted a seed in my head and it has been growing since then. I am extremely in love with photographing life. It has given me inspirations and hope for my own personal life to a level most of my clients will never understand. There is something about capturing a child – so innocent and full of wonder, a mother and father – so proud and sentimental, two people so consumed in their love for one another that really allows me to experience their happiness through my camera. I am far from perfect! ¬†Through photographing people, I get the opportunity to be reminded constantly that love is real, it keeps me looking forward to tomorrow. I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and getting to know them on a personal level. I could literally talk to a wall about nothing all day if I didn’t have anything better to do and I didn’t think someone might try to throw me in the looney bin. But seriously, I have developed love for photography that is molding me into a more perfected mess of imperfection. I have two wonderful kids that hold my heart – Maverick who is 6 who has been my motivation and taught me to never give up on myself, and our new addition beautiful miss Aceleigh (4 months old), that I am getting to know more and more everyday. I’m just a normal girl from texas- wait I’m not quite sure if I’m normal- but who is?! I love chocolate cake (only the kind my mom makes)… Green is my favorite color…. I listen to all kinds of music… I’m the kind of person that can’t listen to a whole song without changing it and every song that comes on I say – Oh this is my fav!…. I hate doing dishes and laundry…I consider myself pretty young, and thus far my life has been pretty interesting…. I have been through so much in my short time on this earth and I always ALWAYS try to put myself in someone else’s shoes …. I hate to admit it but I’m horrible w/ names…. I love Chinese food, don’t care for the cold weather- Love the summer, and hot thunderstorms … I am super easy going and I’m a huge dork and sometimes a little awkward when I can’t get the words in my head to roll off my tongue- and I’m super random…. !